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Open Adoption Families

For anyone participating in open adoptions.

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  • Momof3BBoys
    When is Enough Enough

    Does anyone have advice when an open adoption goes sour?  My husband and I included our sons’s birth family in our life. We invited them into our home several times,…

  • love4adoption
    indiaapolis play groups

    Hi! Does anyone know of any adoption play groups in the Indianapolis area? thank you!

  • astofko
    Homeless Birth Mom

    Anyone out there have any experience with a birth mom who has made bad decisions that led her to becoming homeless?????  All her family, friends, and support have cut her…

  • Frank Ligtvoet
    NY Adoption Playgroups Fall 2015: ATN

    ALL TOGETHER NOW (ATN) FALL 2015 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN at Adoption Playgroups for 4-6; 7-9 Year-Olds Tweens Peer-Support Group Teen Mentor Program Parent Discussion Group Five Sunday Sessions:  2:00-3:30 PM September 20, October 18, October 25, November 15, December 13 Union Temple Preschool 17 Eastern Parkway, 4th floor Brooklyn, NY 11238 ATN — now in its seventh year — is a non-profit group that offers a range of adoptee-focused programming for ages 4 through adult. Support Groups for Preschool and Elementary School Children: Fun, multiracial playgroups, facilitated by adult and teen adoptees for adopted kids from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. A committee of resourceful and dedicated adult adoptees, adoptive parents, and teen adoptee volunteers organize the playgroups and their activities. 4-6 year-olds; 7-9 year-olds: Free and group play that incorporates adoption- and identity-related activities and themes. Themes around identity, family and friends will be explored.  Activities have included Family Day, an outing to Prospect Park; puzzle and quilt making; and performances from special guests.  The groups provide a “safe space” for kids to build relationships within the adoptive community. For Tweens:  A peer-support group for 10-12 year-olds that embraces issues, as they come up, in a fun and nurturing environment. The group is facilitated by an adult adoptee, and offers tweens the opportunity to connect and chat about “what is really cool — and may not be so cool — about being adopted.” The goals of each group session are: (1) to create a safe and open space for tweens to share their joys and pains, as they relate to successfully navigating the burden and dignity of difference; (2) to address a myriad of “hard situations” that arise where we live, learn, and play; and (3) most importantly, to have fun in the process of finding the living and breathing answers to: “Who am I?  Who are we?”  For Teens: The Teen Mentor Program creates opportunities for 13-18 year-olds to facilitate peer supportive playgroups for adopted children, ages 4-9 years, while acting as role models in adoptee-focused activities. Our adult adoptee team, in turn, provides supervision and mentorship to the teens to foster growth, development, and exploration.  Carfare and community service credit are available for teen mentors. For Parents: ATN provides a space for adoptive parents to gather, connect, share resources and discuss adoption-related issues.  All sessions are led by an adult adoptee liaison.  For parents of 4-9 year olds and tweens, this group is free of charge.  Parents of teen mentors are charged a fee.  Registration is also open to non-ATN parents on a space-available basis.  Fees The fee per semester for the children’s and tweens groups is $250 per child and goes directly to our operating costs, to pay for the space rental or for adoptee volunteer and facilitator stipends. The parents group is free for families that are registered for the children’s and tweens groups.  The Parents Group fee for parents of teens mentors and non-ATN parents is $150 per semester. Who We Are ATN is a not-for-profit, adoptee-centered support group for adopted children and their families. We believe that adoption comes with unique developmental processes for adoptive families and that they differ from biological families for that reason. We particularly value the perspective of adult adoptees, seek their input, and support their concerns as an integral part of our program. We strive to create a community in which adopted children, teens and adults can determine their own experience and form supportive friendships among themselves. As parents, we try to understand and integrate the birth cultures of our children into our families’ lives. We recognize the role race plays in this context and especially how it affects the lives of families with children of color. We work to help prepare those kids for the particular challenges of being adopted persons of color. We acknowledge the birth family as a living reality in the adoptive family. We are also attuned to the losses experienced in adoption, especially those of our children and birth families, and treat them respectfully. Finally, we celebrate the diversity of adoptive families and the lifelong, nurturing, loving, unconditional and irrevocable bonds they form. ATN groups offer support to children and parents.  ATN is not a therapy provider. For more information and to register, please visit our website:                 ATN Board Kacy Ames-Heron                                                   Amy Appelbaum                                                             Andrea Compton April Dinwoodie                             Jamie Levinson                                                                       Frank Ligtvoet       Carol Lutfy Marissa Martin       Margaret Scott Laura Summerhill     Fran Weinstock                Please like us on Facebook!

  • adoption628
    Post adoption counseling with adoptive parents and birthmom

    We adopted our daughter last year. When we originally met her birthmom, we really liked her. We committed to sending her pictures and letters, but did not commit to anything more. After meeting her, we considered expanding our adoption to be more open–but my husband thought we should just wait to see what happens before making that commitment. Good thing we did because she blindsided us by contesting the adoption. She was really erratic during this time (words from the social worker). Luckily, we ended up with our daughter, and things are great. However, I think often about her birthmom and wish I could have more openess with her–but I am also concerned that I am opening myself to issues. With that said, does anyone know where we can receive counseling with the birthmom post placement. We are in two different states–so it would have to be via telephone. Does anyone know about a service like this? Our adoption agency does not provide this service.

  • lilysmama
    What to do with our child when we go to pick up our new child

    I probably have a really silly question, but I can’t seem to find the right Google search.  A little background, we adopted our daughter about two years ago, be it…

    Undecided about BMom's invite

    Our daughters birth mother has asked us to come to her quinceanera birthday. We live in the northeast and she lives in a remote area of the Deep South. She…

  • GardenMama
    Living expenses - 9 months??

    We are about 2 weeks away from the birth of the baby we so desperately want to adopt (having started this process 3 years ago).  Over-the-moon excited and also nervous,…

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