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Adoption Group: Open Adoption Families

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Open Adoption Families

Open Adoption Families

For anyone participating in open adoptions.

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  • TNsunshine
    Adoptive Mom hate Me Bio Mom

    Hi I’m new here but need advice from all sides of this triad. Quick back story. When by boys were 4 and 5, my father offered to take them while…

  • Adopthelp
    In A Birth Mother’s Words – Reasons For Placement

    We have compiled a small sample of responses to this question, written by birth mothers in our program. These honest answers shed light on why a birth mother places her…

  • Anne S.
    Blocking Birthmom's Number

    I have two children, both with open adoptions.  I committed to visiting the birth families once a year, flying out of state to do so, and I would welcome one…

  • Vet
    Finding balance

    I adopted a baby from birth and I am trying to find a balance with the birth mom and how often she can see my daughter.  The BM is young,…

  • mrs.koots
    Mother's Day

    New adoptive parent here. We have not finalized our adoption yet but TPR has been signed by both birth parents and grace period has ended. Mother’s day is coming up…

  • ada08
    what to do on a visit

    i am a BM of an an 8 year old, its an open adoption i hope someone can tell me the right things to do or say i don’t want…

  • LeoMommy11
    Birthmom contact/visits

    We adopted domestically 4 years ago, we have an open relationship with the birthmom. I send letters, pictures, we text and see eachother about once a year. Although we did not see her at all last year. We met with her and her older daughter in January & she was an hour late showing up. Neither me or my husband said anything about it to her. She text me last week and asked if we could get together that weekend, I stated what day would work and she agreed that would be fine. The morning of planned day I text her to see if all was still good, she replied yes and asked what time & where to meet. I replied and have heard nothing back from here ever since - crickets. We never tell my son of these planned visits so it is always a surprise when he sees them. I want to spare him the anxiety & hurt if she is late or does’nt even show up. I want to include a letter in her next package to let her know how important I think it is for our son to know her and see her and how “Open”  means being aware of our own emotions and motivations and being honest in our relationship ” being open-hearted. My husband wants me to leave it alone in fear that I will push her further away. Did she do this to distance herself from us? Is the open adoption to much for her now? I truly care for my sons birthmom and will be forever grateful for her but the lies and games she plays is so very frustrating. Any advice??


    We have an open, but not super close relationship with dd’s BM. We send pictures and have traveled yearly since dd’s birth 3 years ago to attend family events with…

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