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For anyone considering domestic or international adoption—risks, rewards, routes, timelines, and costs. For a comprehensive overview, visit

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  • llheuer
    Starting the adoption process in NC

    Hi Everyone, My husband and I are just starting to research how to begin our adoption process here in NC. I believe we are going to have a consultation with…

  • maggie0456
    Where to start

    We are very new to adoption.  We have just finished with our final IVF attempt.  Our doctor states that he did not have any other courses of treatment for us. …

  • zuzusma
    HELP With Address History

    My husband & I have paid 2x for a background check to establish our dates of residency. We know the addresses but not the exact dates. Can anyone PLEASE Help…

  • Amanda2014
    Adoption agency recommendations in the Philadelphia area

    My husband and I are so excited to begin this journey of adopting a domestic newborn. We are just starting out, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations…

  • Ronit
    Maturation process of the decision to adopt a child

    The decision to adopt a child usually comes after years of failed attempts at birth of a biological child and when there is an inability to complete a natural birth. The acceptance of this situation does not occur all at once but rather in stages and even in cycles. Stage I: Denial Stage ” This is not happening to us; soon, the problem will be solved; it is only a matter of time. Stage II: Anger, Depression and Bitterness Stage ” Why is this happening to us? Why us? Stage III: Battle and Determination Stage ” We will do everything to get out of this situation. We will consult all the expert doctors, go to all possible treatments, muster all our strength, and we will not surrender to the stubborn body that refuses to bring the fruit to the world. Stage IV: Admission Stage ” We have a problem, and we cannot solve it through conventional ways, so we should start looking for alternative ways. Stage V - Acceptance Stage ” There is another way to be parents. We can also adopt children. Sometimes, there is regression from the Admission Stage to the Battle Stage, but the will to fight slowly fades and the decision to adopt a baby or older child sets in. When it comes to parents, sometimes there is not an agreement between the spouses regarding adoption; one insists on continuing reproductive therapy while the other is fed up with the treatments and is willing to accept the adopted child as their biological child. Thus, it is important that both spouses completely accept adoption before making the decision. Read more:

  • chrissyjrod
    Just starting out

    Hi, my fiancé and I are just starting out researching Adoption.  Would love to know if anyone can suggest websites/books/articles about domestic adoption, what the process entails and steps on…

  • amberinwonderland
    What international countries might allow my partner and I to adopt?

    My partner and I have been together for 5 years, but aren’t interested in marriage because of personal reasons. We believe that marriage doesn’t equal stability and that unmarried couples…

  • communityguy
    The value of an Adoption Consultant?

    My wife and I are starting the application process with a private agency here in Texas. We’ve wondered if getting an Adoption Consultant to help us understand the process and…

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