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New to Adoption

For anyone considering domestic or international adoption—risks, rewards, routes, timelines, and costs. For a comprehensive overview, visit

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  • Mom719427
    New to Adoption

    My husband and myself are new to this whole adoption process (other than the fact that my husband was adopted). We’ve been struggling with fertility and have decided to look…

  • PValleyMom
    Concurrent planning with biological children

    I’m new to the Circle, so this may have already been covered.  I did a few searches, but didn’t find anything (likely it was user error). My husband and I…

  • DetroitMama
    Feeling Unworthy...

    My Husband and I have been considering adoption for a while now as a “someday, maybe” kind of thing, but just recently it has become a real, “can we actually…

  • Jgordon
    Disability and Adoption

    My husband is on disability but I work full time and am perfectly healthy. Do you know if we are eligible to adopt? I hope so because infertility treatments were…

  • Rueheeb
    Mental illness and adoption?

    I feel that I am meant to adopt. I’m 34 and married with a masters degree… but I have bipolar disorder. I’m totally stable and could easily have my doctor…

  • LorenaMarie
    Last minute adoption?

    My son was just approached by a family friend about adopting her baby. The child is due at the end of February, and neither party has an adoption attorney or…

  • Emiluke
    Adoption tax credit questions

    Hello,  I’m a little confused by the adoption tax credit.  Can you claim expenses for a year before adoption is finalized?  I read that you can claim expenses in the…

  • AlaskanWife
    Discipline policies

    Hi, we’re in the early stages of domestic infant adoption. Our agency has asked (required) us to sign a Discipline Policy, which states that we will never use any type of physical discipline for our adopted child. We are uncomfortable with this, as our personal belief is that spanking is okay and sometimes necessary - in certain circumstances. Of course it won’t be our “go to” discipline but if needed, we are not opposed to it. We’ve actually been looking into changing agencies because of this (and have found several that require no such statement). However, I’ve been told“by several adoptive parents, by a couple of agencies, and by an old neighbor who is a judge“that a Discipline Policy like this is only legal until the adoption is finalized. After finalization, it’s not binding in any way. But our agency contact didn’t tell us that specifically….. so I’m a bit at a loss what to do right now. So two questions: Do you know if it’s true, across the board, that an agency’s Discipline Policy is only effective until finalization? And if so, should we sign this policy and continue with our chosen agency, knowing we will likely employ some physical discipline at some point in the future, or should we find a new agency that doesn’t require signing something like this? Note: I DON’T wish to start a debate about spanking here. Just looking for answers to my two questions above. Thanks.

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