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Adoption Group: Korea Adoptive Families

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Korea Adoptive Families

Korea Adoptive Families

For parents of children adopted from Korea, and families pursuing Korean adoptions.

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  • Danielle Pennel
    S. Korean Adoptees Returning to Korea

    This is a very moving article on South Korean adult adoptees returning to their birth country. Would it surprise you to learn that these adoptees are wanting to make…

  • Danielle Pennel
    Why S. Koreans are Reluctant to Adopt

    The BBC did a recent investigation as to of the many children from their orphanages.  This is becoming a bigger issue now that it’s becoming more difficult for foreigners to…

  • mandyg
    Adopting in Korea While in Korea

    Hello, my husband and I are stationed in Korea and have started looking into adoption.  There are no agencies to help us so we have talked with a lawyer who…

  • Frank Ligtvoet
    Adoption Play and Support Groups in New York City: Spring 2015

    Register online on our new website! All Together Now (ATN) is a grassroots, adoptee-centered adoption organization based in Brooklyn, New York. ATN, a not-for-profit, is now in its seventh year…

  • Katiejae
    Online Group For Parents Of Adopted Teens!

    I wanted to let folks know that I am offering two five-week groups for parents of adopted teens (9th-12th) this fall, to begin in October, 2014.  Parenting adopted teens can…

  • bringinghomeourseoul
    Just Received Referral, Any others in the same boat?

    We received our referral a few weeks ago, our agency is estimating up to ten months wait time (from googling other agencies wait times it seems this is the fastest)…

  • Frank Ligtvoet
    May 28 Literary Adoption Event In Brooklyn

    ADOPTION LETTERS: UNSEALED-May 28, 2014 Lost Lit is thrilled to team up with Land of Gazillion Adoptees to bring you a unique spin on discussing adoption and its many shades of grey. Featured guests intimately invested in the adoption community will use the letter format to express their point of view. It’s our hope that with the co-mingling of these diverse voices, a new/different perspective about adoption will emerge for all attendees. Featuring: David Amarel, Martha Crawford, Lynne Connor, Kathryn Joyce, James Lane, Andy Marra, Joy Liebrenthal Rho, John Sanvidge. Kevin Vollmers, the mastermind behind Land of Gazillion Adoptees, will be emceeing the night. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We want the audience to be fully engaged and involved in this discussion. After the presentations, there will be time for everyone to write their own letter to someone or a group of people and then have the chance to read their letter aloud. Since the act of writing and reading your thoughts aloud on such a loaded topic (adoption) can be intimidating, paralyzing even, we invite audience members to write their letters at home (yeah like HW), bring them in and then volunteer to read the letter aloud. OR, there will be an option to place letters in a real time mail box to be read aloud by one of the presenters. When: Wed. May 28, 2014 7:00pm ” 8:30pm Reading 8:30pm ” 9:30pm Reception Where: Grumpy Bert 82 Bond St. Brooklyn, NY 11217 Admission: FREE! (donations welcome) RSVP REQUIRED: Since seating is very limited YOU MUST RSVP. Email lynne (at) & provide: *First/ Last name *Email/ Phone # *If you’re bringing a guest (limit to +1) *Adoption affiliation & OR why you’d like to attend *How you found out about this event. Seat not guaranteed until confirmation email received. PRESENTERS BIOS: DAVID AMAREL is a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City. David has received over ten years immersive training in adoptive parenting from Eli (In Beom) and Lucy (Sunghee). Along with his wife, Martha Crawford, the family of four resides in Brooklyn Heights. David and Martha are columnists for Gazillion Voices magazine as well as co-founders of SubText Consultation, a clinic and consultation service for writers. MARTHA CRAWFORD is a psychotherapist, with a generalist private practice in NYC for the past 20 years, and writing coach. She is an adoptive parent to two children born in Korea. She and her husband David with the help of several other committed adoptive parents and adult adoptees, founded All Together Now ” an adoptee-centered support group for adopted children and their families. Martha and David are adoptive parent columnists at Gazillion Voices magazine and she is author of the blog What A Shrink Thinks. KATHRYN JOYCE is a journalist and author of The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking and the New Gospel of Adoption and Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Slate, The Nation, The American Prospect, Mother Jones, The Atlantic and many other publications. JOHN C. SANVIDGE was born in Seoul, South Korea and adopted at four and a half months. He was raised in Troy, NY along with his two other adopted siblings. He received his BFA in Film/Video from the School of Visual Arts and is currently a freelance editor who has worked for A&E, Spike, Animal Planet, National Geographic Wild, and Biography, among others. In 2003, he decided to begin his documentary called, “Finding Seoul.” In 2013 he was able to finish the film. He currently resides in NYC.

  • FamilyDreamInternational
    Looking for an agency

    After deciding to use Pearl S. Buck we received an email today notifying us that they can no longer help with adoption in S. Korea.  We’re looking for another agency…

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