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Adoption Group: International Adoption Support

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International Adoption Support

International Adoption Support

For adoptive and hopeful parents of children from an international country. Click here to search for and join country-specific groups.

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  • ymoor1980
    Home Study While Living Abroad?

    Hey al! My husband and I are working in the Middle-east. We are trying to adopt here, however we have not been able to find an agency that is accredited…

  • rn4kidz
    institutionalization and developmental delays

    I am looking to adopt from foster care, so have not read much on the effects of institutionalization, but have come across a little girl who has been in medical…

  • Chelsi Rose
    Considering international adoption- special needs

    Long story short, I have two more doctors visits including a laprascopy to determine whether I can carry a child. As of now, it is seeming that I am infertile…

  • Ame_lia
    International adoption: Ukraine, Russia or Bulgaria?

    Hi all. I’m new here. I wonder if there is anyone contemplating adoption from Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria or other Eastern European countries? I mean recently, no longer than 2 years…

  • OlgaHayesUTA
    International adoption disruption

    Dear Adoptive Parents,   You are invited to take part in a research study about the experiences of adoptive parents in the United States who have adopted a child from…

  • kristye2017
    Quick Survey

    Hello! Don’t mean to spam but… My Name is Kristy Evans. I am currently a Junior at Mira Mesa high school. I am taking a AP course which challenges students…

  • kristye2017
    Research Help!

    Hello, My name is Kristy Evans. I am a high school student in San Diego. I am in a rigorous Advance Placement course called AP Research. In this course I…

  • oinone66
    Adopt a child from Dominican Republic, easy and economical process

    I have read many topic with information about Big adoption problems from the countries in the Hague Convention. I can not comment about all countries,but in the Dominican republic is precisely thanks to the Hague Convention, parents can adopt with the help of a lawyer, and can save long waiting time and expenses for Adoption agency. 1. If you know the children you would adopt. You must be approved for adoption from your country and all documents must be translated into Spanish by authorize translator. 2. if you do not know the child, it is agencies that help find children who match with your family, organize the whole process of lawyers meeting, translator, helps fine accommodation that suits your budget, be ready with organizational help and personal support. You do not need planing and find everything yourself they do all the work so you can concentrate on your future’s child. typically costs i USD are 500 judicial process 2000-6000 lawyer 5000 agency full service 1000-3000 plane tickets 1000 - one month stay DR incl. housing and food thats it, less than a year, you may be adoptive for; parents with expense 9.500- 15.500 The general requirements for an international adoption in the Dominican Republic are as follows: 1. The adoptive parents must be married heterosexuals, having lived together as a couple for at least five years. 2. The adoptive parents must be between thirty (30) and sixty (60) years old and at least fifteen (15) years older than the child they wish to adopt. 3. The child’s parents must consent to the adoption. In case of orphans, the authorization is obtained from the Court of Children and Adolescents. (“Tribunal de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes”) 4. The adoptive parents must live with the child in the Dominican Republic for at least sixty (60) days, or may be reduced by a special appeal process. This period is automatically reduced to thirty (30) days if the child is twelve years old or older. 5. Children twelve years old or older must approve their own adoption. 6. The adoptive parents’ biological children who are twelve years old or older must give their opinion on the adoption. The Adoption Process Adopting a child in the Dominican Republic is a three-step process: 1. The applicants must file an application with the Adoptions Department at CONANI. 2. If approved, the decision by CONANI must be reviewed and approved by the Court for Children and Adolescents. 3. The decision by the Court is reviewed by the Civil Registry Division of the Junta Central Electoral which authorizes the issuance of a new birth certificate. Filing of the Application at CONANI The following documents are needed in order to have a complete application: prior to filing it with CONANI. Agency and will ensure that your application is complete, translated and authenticated prior to sending it to Law company for filing. • Adoptive Parents’ birth certificates • Adoptive Parents’ marriage certificate • Copies of the Adoptive Parents’ passports/driver’s licenses • Adoptive Parents’ Home Study • SCR Clearance/Child Abuse Clearance • Adoptive Parents’ Criminal Clearances • Adoptive Parents’ Medical Certificates • Reference Letter/Affidavit from a religious or community organization which attests to the adoptive parents’ physical, mental, social and moral suitability • Affidavit from Agency which guarantees that the adopted child will be monitored for post-placement purposes • Financial Records (bank statements, W-2, letter from employer, etc.) • Authorization or visa for the adopted child to enter US • Photographs of you, your family and home The Law company will handle obtaining the following documents: • Copies of the National Identification Cards (“cédulas”) of the biological parents • Consent to the adoption by the biological parents or legal guardian • Non-opposition statement from the adoptee, if twelve years old or older All documents must be submitted to CONANI in originals duly authenticated at the nearest Dominican Consulate. If the originals are not in Spanish, a certified translation into Spanish must also be provided. Agency assist you with the coordination of the translation of the documents or you are free to have them translated yourself provided that you utilize a licensed translation agency. When a child has been selected for your family, the adoption attorneys will forward a “Child Proposal” to Agency. The child proposal will contain items such as a medical and psychological report on the child, age, sex along with any information available on the biological parents, as well as a photo of the child. This proposal will be reviewed by Agency staff and then you will be contacted to review the proposal. Once you approve the child proposal an acceptance letter is signed and returned to the adoption attorneys in the Dominican Republic. They will forward this acceptance letter to CONANI, and upon their receipt, the final paperwork is compiled and the child’s dossier is prepared. When this work has been completed, you will be notified and travel arrangements will be made for you to begin your mandatory residency requirement period of at least sixty (60) days in the Dominican Republic. This period is reduced to thirty days if the child is twelve years old or older. When the child is released into your temporary care, both husband and wife must remain in the DR for the first 60 days. After that, during the 3 ” 6 month wait until the finalization. BOTH adoptive applicants MUST be present to complete the adoption with the Dominican Republic courts. During the time that you are residing in the Dominican Republic, local consultants will be available to assist you with every step of the process.

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