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Adoption Group: Adopting Premature Babies

Adoption Group Information

Adopting Premature Babies

Adopting Premature Babies

For families who have adopted or are planning to adopt a premature infant.

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  • michelemg
    Adopting preemie twins

    So, we were matched with a couple having twins.  Babies were born early, at 28 weeks.  Of course we rushed to their sides.  Everyone says that they are doing well…

  • puck345
    "Preterm" vs. "Preemie"

    Please, everyone, could we start using better terminology when referring to babies born prematurely. “Preemie” is a romanticized slang term meant to trivialize the hardships and troubling physical and psychological…

  • Sondra19
    Your friendly neighborhood NICU Nurse

    Hello to all! I am an adoptee, adoptive mom & a NICU RN. I hope to be able to be a resource for you if you have questions about your…

  • Two Cats and a Cradle
    Ten Tips for Surviving the NICU Experience

    I don’t usually post my blog posts in the groups, but I thought it might be useful to this group. This summer my husband and I were planning to adopt…

  • mrm1664
    Poor feeder in the NICU

    After a heart-breaking disruption of our first newborn placement, we have been matched for foster-adoption with a preemie (28 wks gestation) in the NICU. She’s now 41 wks & everything…

  • KatieL

    My friend had a NICU baby and said that throughout their time in the NICU probably half of the babies had been abandoned. I was just curious if there was…

  • lorik
    Food issues and prematurity

    I have a problem and Iím not sure what itís related to.  Our daughter was 8 months old when she was placed with us.  At that time she was obese (the term used by the doctor).  She was neglected and just given a bottle every time she made a sound.  She had been born 3 and 1/2 months premature and was on ďpreemieĒ formula also, which had double the calories of normal formula.  Her development was that of a 1 or 2 month old.  She She is 2 now and has grown and thinned out and caught up on her development.  The problem is that she is obsessed with food.  She will stuff food in her mouth faster than she can eat it and if anyone has any food she will do whatever she has to do to get at it.  Even if she has her own food or has already eaten.  She always eats more than any of my other children.  This doesnít seem to fit in the hoarding behavior I have seen talked about with foster children.  I donít know if it was because she was overfed the first months of her life, or if it could be related to her prematurity.  My bio daughter was 2 months premature and also wants to eat constantly (not quite as bad, but almost.)  My sister has a daughter who was 2 1/2 months premature and is exhibiting similar behavior.  Has anyone experienced anything similar?  I donít want my daughter to have weight or food issues when sheís older so I want to deal with this the right way so I donít cause more problems in the future.

  • KallyLB
    I Was Born Premature and This Group Comforts Me

    From what I’ve been reading in posts in this group, I am very comforted. There seems to be much care, both in medical and in caring emotionally for a premie.…

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