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For adopted children, teens, and adults.

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  • mouseycarl
    Free Screening of CLOSURE-August 2, 2014 at 10am

    You are cordially invited to a screening of “CLOSURE” and a Question and Answer session with “Angela Tucker” Please come and join us for the highly acclaimed and powerful docu-mentary “Closure” and some lively discussion about adoption from the adoptee’s point of view. Film Screening””Closure” - August 2, 10 am, at Bremerton United Methodist Church, 1150 Marine Dr. Bremerton, WA Closure is a powerful documentary about transracial adoption and one woman’s search for her birth par-ents. This free screening will be fol-lowed by a Q&A with Angela Tucker. Ages: This film is not rated. Several scenes display strong human emo-tions, with two instances of profani-ty. Please consider the emotional maturity of your child before inviting them to view the film with you. For more information about the film, visit . Transportation available upon re-quest. A light snack will be provided. Please contact Mouseycarl326 here to RSVP for this event.

  • shelles
    BMom seeks advice

    My adoptee son just found me, it has been a crazy and exhilarating experience. I did have a choice, I chose adoption and it is very obvious to me that…

  • karasmama2530

    Has anyone done this? I was adopted at birth and have always had “issues”. I didn’t get them help I needed as a preteen and am now dealing with a…

  • EriSycamore
    Does anyone read this board?

    I’m asking this question particularly to the adoptive parents on the forum. A recent discussion in a thread where an adoptive parent was asking if anyone had experience with a…

  • mouseycarl
    Meeting younger siblings for the first time

    Next month, I will have the opportunity to meet one of my younger siblings.  In a way, I’m nervous, but excited.  Him and I have been talking for about a…

  • puck345
    Birth Mother info scary! Do I proceed?

    Recently, I reached out to a Confidential Intermediary (CI) to find my birth mother. She called a few weeks later and said that she was legally obligated to inform me…

  • SemprePromettere
    Masters student project survey- Adoption Challenges

    Hello everyone. I am a Master’s student in a clinical/mental health counseling program. I will be presenting the topic of adoption in my family counseling class and was interested to…

  • SGilbert
    Feedback for an adoption reunion chapbook

    I’m giving away copies of this adoption reunion chapbook for Kindle and Kindle app (iPad): It’s free until Tuesday evening, March 18th (midnight PST). If you write a review…

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