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Are Baby Showers Off Limits?
Posted: 06 April 2010 08:42 PM   Ignore ]  
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I was always fine with going to showers and children’s birthday parties and all the rest. But we all have our break down moments. Mine was on a trip to Venice when I saw the hand-made lace infant dresses. The little old Italian women who make the lace had no idea what to do with me. It didn’t help that I don’t speak Italian and they didn’t speak English!

But it was a waking up moment for me. It made me realize that I needed to get past my grief over being infertile. Grief that I didn’t realize I had until that moment because I knew from the time I was a teenager that my odds of getting pregnant were not great due to PCOS, endometriosis and a host of other “female problems.”

I am not a religious person and do not believe in any organized religion, but I do believe in fate. Once I realized that if it was going to happen, it would and if not, I still had a wonderful and fulfilling life, it all got easier to handle. I believe it was this attitude that carried me through the uncertainty of adoption and the “Matching Process.” And when we got through the other end, we not only had a baby, but a year later we adopted our son’s newborn half sister as well! (When strangers ask if we planned to have two so close together, we explain that the first child took 3-4 years and the second child was a surprise gift.)

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