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unplanned pregnancy! adoption might be an option
Posted: 05 November 2009 11:19 AM   Ignore ]  
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I had an unplanned pregnancy one year ago and i had given birth to a pretty baby girl,but i was not really ready for that because i consider the fact that i most be married before i give birth.The circumstances under which i got pregnant really hurt me sometimes,but i had no choice than to give birth.I was so scared of abortion and decided to keep the baby,now she is 5 months old and really doing great.We struggle to live like any other single mom and her baby,but sometimes i find it very difficult to meet up with every thing of hers,i have to go to school and come back early because i got a baby at home,at one point in time i had to stop school for some months just to take care of her.
I want a good mom to take good care of this treasure ,she is all i have but i will not be able to give her all that she needs,so am considering adoption as an option.But not really interested to let an agency have her as an item for sale,or have an attorney dictate which amount to give her out on,all i want is a good home for her.i am open to any comments ,no racial issues,or marital status. Thanks

Posted: 27 December 2014 01:17 AM   Ignore ]  
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Hi lauraquinnzy..  Hope you doing well!

The decision you taking is good for both of you. This way you will be able to focus on your life and your baby girl will also get good care and a safe future. But for giving your child for adoption, you must contact a good adoption agency which can help you to choose right adoptive parents for your baby. You can contact Providence Place an adoption home that offers adoption services, birth mother services for expectant mothers, and life skills training for young adults with disabilities and the deaf.

There is no cost to the birth parent for any of their services, regardless of what your final decision may be. You cannot make your final decision until your baby is at least two days old. During that important time they will help you to review your choices again. They want to make sure you make the best choice you can for you and your child.

Posted: 27 January 2016 12:57 AM   Ignore ]  
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Due to family issues unfortunately I had to do the same thing It was not so easy to give my child to some one who I never know about .You can take help of a family law lawyer who will help you as there are many people who are willing to adopt a child. as it is a legal activity proper steps are to be taken so I took help of family law lawyer ( )

Posted: 02 January 2017 12:14 PM   Ignore ]  
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I hope everything goes well for you Laura. You can also try Gynectrol from

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