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Masks Of Self Exploration
Posted: 25 October 2009 12:23 AM   Ignore ]  
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I am an adoption search reunion specialist who recently joined the site.  Not being able to find my blog,  I am beginning it here.  smile

The masks that are seen during the Halloween season have unlimited possibilities.  While trying on identities,  a moment is seized to explore another identity.  Almost from the first words that the Halloween season is here there is a rush to find and try on another identity for a brief time.  This has been frequently attributed to self exploration.

Finding out about birth families is a route of self exploration.  After taking off the masks given through adoption other identities are found.  Unlike Halloween the identities found have permanent answers.  The ripples run through the line of self exploration and far beyond.

The fear of removing the masks to find the truth hiding behind them can easily be frightening.  Every year,  the Halloween season only lasts for a month.  Memories that are made from the season can last for a lifetime.  The horrors and mysteries of biological family possibilities revealed can easily define sense of self.  That can be a lifelong journey of self acceptance and exploration.

Posted: 29 October 2009 03:40 AM   Ignore ]  
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The adoptees who I know know describe searching as self realization more than self exploration.  I think there is a big difference.  Do adoptees see exploration vs realization as dismissive of their experience?

Posted: 29 October 2009 04:41 PM   Ignore ]  
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Hi Lizzie, can you explain the difference? Thanks