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The cost of searching
Posted: 15 October 2009 02:56 AM   Ignore ]  
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Editors’ Note: We have moved discussions regarding the cost of searching for birth families and birth records to this location.

Posted: 02 October 2009 03:58 PM   Ignore ]  
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Thankfully for them, my adoptive parents only had to pay $225.00 to obtain me from the adoption agency.  Course that was back in 1974.  Not sure how they did it though…maybe they started saving up as soon as the ink was dry on my sister’s adoption papers four years earlier?

Posted: 02 October 2009 09:06 PM   Ignore ]  
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I have Thousands of Dollars to repay on a credit card now at the end of a 20 year search for the truth of my origins.  Who would’ve thought that gaining information that costs non-adopted people so little would come at such expense to adults who were adopted as children

Creative ideas at fundraising for searching adoptees would be very useful.  Lobbying legistlators to change antiquated sealed records laws is an expensive business and there’s sadly little input from adoptive parents in this regard, which his unfortunate.  Looks like Adoptees are on their own when it comes to restoring their civil and human right to original identity

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