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we don’t have 30,000.00
Posted: 12 February 2011 05:06 PM   Ignore ]  
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So we talked to Amercian Adoptions the other day. nd I really liked them because they have the incase the BM backs out incentive. And we can get our money back. Well we aren’t rich we own our home. But have only lived here for 2 yeats. We have some savings. Not nearly enough to fiance an adoption. We found out yesterday we will not be able to get refinaced or take out an equity loan and the one bank we talked to didn’t sound to positive about be able to loan us money. So now what do we do???? We don’t know any rich families or friends. I think we are out of options inless we do the foster care system.
Diane..sad in RI

Posted: 15 February 2011 08:35 PM   Ignore ]  
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I’m sorry that you are so frustrated by the cost of adoption.  You aren’t alone with this way of thinking.  Few people I have ever met could easily fork over $30K for any reason, adoption or not.  It’s a lot of money. 
Adoptive Families magazine has had numerous articles about how to afford adoption.

Sometimes it’s helpful just to read personal stories of how some families did it.  Plus, this economy has changed the plans for many.  There is a another good article from Adoptive Families magazine which includes information on grants and loans which you can apply for.  These have been helpful for those who have been hit hard during this economy.

Try not to get too down about the finances.  I have led an adoption support group for 6 years now and have many prospective adoptive parents, all of whom were worried that they couldn’t afford adoption.  All of them have found a way to do it.  Maybe it took longer.  Maybe they had to change their lifestyle.  Maybe they took out some extra loans.  But they found ways to do it that worked for them.  It’s not easy, especially if you are coming from spending your savings on fertility treatments.  But keep doing research and figure out all of your choices.  Consider going to meet with a financial specialist who understands the adoption tax credit.  I know in my town there is one who has given a lot of advice and hope to prospective adoptive parents. 

Good luck!
Danielle I. Pennel
AFC Community Moderator