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Should I brestfeed our adopted son?
Yes! It’s healthy for the baby! Go for it! 2
No way! That’s just too strange! 0
I would/have and it went great! 0
I would NEVER even think of it! 0
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Breastfeeding our Adopted Son
Posted: 07 February 2011 07:08 PM   Ignore ]  
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I want to breastfeed “our” son who is due in July! My husband thinks this would be the strangest thing and is unsure we should try it. Have any of you breastfeed your adopted children? If so would you mind sharing?
I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts…FOR OR AGAINST IT!!
Thanks for your time and help!

Posted: 07 February 2011 07:17 PM   Ignore ]  
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Hi Kara,

Welcome to AFC! And congrats on your upcoming adoption. This is actually a pretty common question on our site, so you might find the following existing links to discussions helpful to you:

There are several discussion threads on our Adoptive Breastfeeding group and another forum thread about breastfeeding after adoption.

All the best,

Community Editor