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Difficulties Celebrating a First Birthday
Posted: 21 January 2011 09:13 PM   Ignore ]  
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If you are involved in an open relationship with your child’s birth family, then did find it difficult to celebrate your child’s first birthday?  Did you feel sad that the birth family was not present? Possibly were you still grieving the birth mother’s loss?  How did you work through those feelings?

I recall with my first son, having conflicting feelings as we celebrated his birthday.  I was so excited to finally be a mom who planned a fun party for my little boy.  But I also felt sad thinking that states away, his birth parents may be depressed that they had no little boy to hold and wish “happy birthday” to.  It was an odd mix of emotions.

A new adoptive mother describes her confusing feelings for Adoptive Families.  She tells how she spent the first part of her daughter’s first birthday party crying on her bathroom floor.  To me, that doesn’t seem odd.  To those not in an open relationship, I’m sure it does.

I wish I would have had some knowledge before my son’s first birthday that these conflicting feelings were normal for some adoptive parents.  Possibly, this article can make you aware that these are emotions you may face too.

Can you relate to this author?

Danielle Pennel
AFC Community Moderator

Posted: 21 January 2011 11:20 PM   Ignore ]  
Total Posts:  112

There is also an ongoing discussion on this topic in our US Adoptive Parents group.  Go check it out and join in on the discussion.