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Questions about the Adoption Process
Posted: 03 November 2010 11:03 PM   Ignore ]  
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Hello everyone!  I’m new to this website, but I have been wanting to adopt for over 10 years.  I am just learning about the adoption process and I’m having trouble understanding some things:

New York State Social Services Website states that an adoptive parent should choose (Very carefully) an agency and then do a homestudy….some of the books I’ve read said that you should get a Home Study done privately so you can obtain as many copies and send them to as many agencies as you want….but other things I have read state that it’s difficult to change agencies once the process has started.

Other things I have read state that you should do the home study first and THEN choose the agency…Does this make sense?  And does it matter who does your home study? 

I want to adopt a child in the US from the foster care system….do I work through an independant agency or through the State’s Social Services?  I want to adopt a child with special needs (special physical needs) and I’m wondering if it’s possible for all foster children in the US to be a consideration?  i.e. if I go through any one agency will I only be able to consider a certain number of children?  Or will there be children all over the country to consider?  I realize I have to do my own agency research but I’m having difficulty making sense out a lot it.  THere are many agencies that aren’t specific to a state but they ask you to submit a Home Study…..I hope I’m not rambling too much and someone can understand my confusion and point me in the right direction!

Basically I’m wondering: 1.) what order to the Home study/agency choosing go in, 2.) how does one get a Home Study, 3.) how do I choose an agency that has more than just a handful of children for adoption?



Posted: 04 November 2010 08:27 PM   Ignore ]  
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I am going through the process myself right now and based on my personal experience. You should do your homestudy first. You can go through your local foster care agency and they should do it with no charge. You will still most likely have to complete some type of orientation and training classes regardless of what avenue you go down based on that agencies requirements. I personally am dealing with our state foster care system and besides the photolisting they provide you can also explore, (north west adoption exchange) TARE - Texas adoption resource exchange. They all offer comphrehensive listings of children with all types of needs. Hope that helps and good luck on your adoption journey.

Posted: 05 November 2010 03:56 PM   Ignore ]  
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My husband and I just adopted 2 children (brother and sister) from the WA foster care system, and there was no need to find and agency or get an outside homestudy.  To become foster parents, we had one home study, and took all the classes that were required.  We then had a newborn placed with us almost immediately.  Then almost 10 months later, her brother was placed with us as well.  Soon after that, the birth parents signed the reliquinshment forms.  At that point we no longer were dealing with the social worker we had been dealing with up until that time.  We then started dealing with DHS’s adoption social worker.  She did our adoptive home study (apparently you have to have one to become foster parents and one to become adoptive parents), and worked with us all the way through the adoption.  We never had to put out any money and for the adoption we worked with an atty recomended by the state.  He held our check for the fees until we were reimbersed from the state for all that.  It was a long and crazy journey, but it was so worth it!!

I hope this helps you out.  I don’t know if things will be the same in NY, but you might call and talk to the licensor for foster care.  He/she shoud be able to give you the rundown on how things work.

Hope all works out for you!  Good luck!

Posted: 18 November 2010 07:40 PM   Ignore ]  
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I don’t think you are alone in feeling unsure about the route to take while pursuing an adoption.  It’s an overwhelming process which you don’t need to learn about unless you are IN the process.

Adoptive Families magazine’s website has an entire page of information, personal articles and more for those who are considering adopting from the foster care system.

Also, they have published an article about what the basic steps are for someone to foster to adopt.  And there is another wonderful personal essay from someone who adopted from the foster care system.  She, like you, thought that finding out HOW to do the adoption process was hard.  But soon she realized the process itself was quite simple.

Good luck to you on your journey!!

Danielle Pennel
AFC Community Moderator

Posted: 19 November 2010 09:09 PM   Ignore ]  
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Hi Hannah,

I can see how you are confused about the adoption process, as it can be very overwhelming.  If you want to adopt from the foster care system, you can contact your state’s Child Services Division and they should be able to point you in the right direction.  The state agency that they refer you to will do your homestudy, and you will also have to take MAPP classes, which should be 10 weeks long.  These are parenting classes that are a requirement if you are going to adopt.  Keep in mind that the agency will push you towards being a foster to adopt parent instead of straight up adoption.  I guess it is the way the system is designed to work.  Since you are looking for a special needs child, your situation may be different and they may have a child that is legally free and available to adopt.  You are totally free to search for kids throughout the US.  Interstate adoptions do exist, though I don’t know how common they are, because each state gives priority to their own families and the paperwork is also more complex.  A good way for you to search for kids nationwide is on the Heart Gallery of America website ( and also Adopt US Kids.  I wish you the best of luck on your adoption journey.  It can be a long and difficult road, but it will be very worth it at the end.