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Health Insurance Question for Kid who is 18
Posted: 29 July 2010 05:54 PM   Ignore ]  
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We are from MA. Our boy graduated from high school and wants to work for a year before going to school. The problem with that is that now that he is out of school, his health insurance subsidy will run out. He presently works part time at a place that he has worked as a volunteer previously, so he is very comfortable there. However, he doesn’t get benefits. To put him on our insurance would be a really hefty pricetag for us, and I will be laid off soon. So my question is, how has anyone else handled this? All MA residents are required to have health ins. and I have all ready looked at the MA Health Connector Website. I had suggested to him that he apply for MA Health for one more year and that next year he get insurance through his college. Thanks.