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How are you raising money for your adoption?
Posted: 04 July 2010 06:35 AM   Ignore ]  
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I am curious as to how you all are raising money for your adoptions? Are there any services or anything we adoptive parents who are doing private adoptions can go through?

What fundraising ideas do you have?

God Bless,

Posted: 05 July 2010 03:06 AM   Ignore ]  
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Great question.  We tried the fundraiser thing and kept running into problems.  First, we were told we couldn’t do a legal fundraiser because we were not a registered charitable organization.  My employer even gave me problems when we tried to set up a donation bottle in our employee cafeteria.  I did talk to our adoption agency and they told us to just have people send donations to them because they are a charitable organization and they would apply it to our fees.  Problem is, who wants to blindly donate without really knowing the family.  We got a lot of remarks, “if everyone who needed money did this, there would be donation boxes everywhere.”  Needless to say, this made us feel bad because it wasn’t like we wanted the money for a new car or vacation.  We struggled a lot with this and ended up taking loans, cash advances, etc.  Pretty scary stuff and it doesn’t settle well with me.  I have heard about  A friend of mine used them and made some money but its very hard to raise such a large amount from fundraisers.  A beef and beer is another idea but be aware, there is a large cost upfront.  Another friend of mine did this to help with medical bills and ended up shelling out 7k just to get one coordinated. 

I wish you the best and I am not trying to divert you from doing this, but giving my experience. 

God bless!


Posted: 07 July 2010 03:08 AM   Ignore ]  
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Adoption Fundraising Ideas

Set Up A Website:

  Detail your journey and progress so that everyone can stay updated.
  Create a PayPal account for donations (EASY)
  Inform every one of your fundraising efforts!!
o   This makes everyone feel involved and they are more likely to help you out.

  This site gives YOU a percentage (CASH)
o   Profit on Magazine Subscriptions is 40%, including shipping
o   Profit on Books is 40%, excluding $5.00 shipping cost which is already included in the price
o   Profit on Music is 40%, excluding $1.40 shipping cost which is already included in the price
o   Profit on Cookie Dough is 40%, excluding $4.00/tub shipping cost which will be added to the price
o   Profit on eCertificates is 40%
  We posted this on our Facebook pages and in emails to everyone
  I even printed up little cards, handed them out and put in my bills!!!

Huge Community Yardsale:

  Find out if your town or one near by hosts something like this
o   If not ORGANIZE ONE!!!
  There is usually a small entry/booth fee.
  We posted signs telling everyone about our Adoption Journey.
o   People were literally handing us $20, $50, $100! It was amazing and so touching to have our community support!
o   We met a lot of great people in the process as well!
  Get family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc involved: have them donate things for your sale or have them ask friends, neighbors, co-workers for items!
  Make up a flyer asking for item donations and tell them about your adoption journey.
  Day of the Yard Sale: Have signs posted about your journey and tell every visitor as well.
  Hand out flyers telling them about your journey and include a link to your website!

  You can sell up to 6 designs total. You can choose from the fundraiser t-shirt designs, or you can submit your own custom designs. You can also choose to sell products from regular line of adoption tees, but the commission for these products is lower.
  25-45% of the sales from a fundraiser store go directly to you, the adoptive family (exact commissions vary by product)
  You can also choose to sell tees through a traditional “door-to-door” fundraiser using a flyer.

Baby Bottle Drive/Adoption Shower:

  Purchase inexpensive baby bottlesK yard sale, dollar store, bulk stores.
  We made invitations and placed them in a cheap baby bottle and decorated it.
  The invitation asked that each guest not bring presents but fill the bottle up with spare change and bring it to the Adoption Shower.
o   We also informed them we would be having a welcome home party.
o   People brought bottles with change, cash, checks & saving bonds!!
  We also brought a bottle to each business that we frequent & know the people that work there well.
o   Our Bank, Insurance Agency, Cell Phone Provider, Hair Salon, Favorite Restaurant, Etc…
  The shower was a hit… we used it to educate our family and friends about adoption!!
o   It was so nice to connect with our family and friends and get them in on our journey as well as prepare them for the adoption.


  Make sure to include all links to all of your sites in your signatures for email, forums, Facebook.etcK
o   This gets the word out there and it could spread like wildfire!

PartyLite Fundraiser:

  A friend of mine sells PartyLite. They have a fundraising program that you get 50% of the proceeds paid directly to you!!!
o   Contact proadoption on cafemom or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  Many other direct sales type of businesses offer a fundraising program!
Face Book Group Page:

  Set up a group page and invited all of our friends.
  Created a PayPal account and add our paypal button to our Group Page.
o   People we didnt even know were donating to our cause… it was amazing!!!
  I also added the PayPal button to every post I made, email
  I sent and signature I used! It worked great!!

Bake Sale:

  Small bake sales are great but what about a bake sale that you take orders?!?!
  Make up order forms that tell about your journey and the money needed to raise.
o   People love homemade goodie and will love helping you out with your cause.
  Have friends and family pitch in to fill orders. 
o   Make extras of all the orders
  Host a bake sale and sell off excess sweets! Yummy!!!

Let me know if you need any help!                                       
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Mommy Blessed by Adoption Twice!
Adoption Advocate & Adoption Coordinator
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Posted: 22 July 2010 08:15 PM   Ignore ]  
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We’re going to be borrowing against our retirement.  Probably the full amount (of the adoption), then any gifts we get goes back directly to paying it back (plus the tax incentive, etc).  But we want to have liquid money and not feel like we’re dependent on people’s gifts.

Currently at 3 boys, but hoping to adopt a girl into the mix smile
our blog:

Posted: 25 July 2010 06:25 PM   Ignore ]  
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We are blessed with stable jobs, but we’ve had to tighten our belts significantly since we started the adoption path.  We had a large tax bill to pay two months before we were match with a birthmom… and the process moved alot faster than we thought was likely.  We’ve taken out a signature loan for about a half of the adoption fees.  We saved the rest.  We’ve known for about a year that we were going to start the adoption process - so we’ve kept our older (paid for) cars (1999 & 2001) and fixed them rather than replacing.  We do not eat out anymore except on very special occasions.  We have not shopped for anything other than groceries… no new clothes, shoes, etc.  I’ve bought most of our gently-used nursery items from friends or consignments shops.  Our vacation this summer was a “stay-cation”.

Still - the money we expect to spend will be about the same as one round of IVF - or a new car… and the outcome will be worth so much more than the expense of the process!

About fundraising -  I recently talked to an acquaintence that knows about our plans to adopt.  She was asking me about the process, home study, costs, agencies, attorneys, foster-care, etc.  They are considering adoption in the next year or two and she was complaining about the possible cost, and that they were too broke to get the process started - she asked me if there was “free money” out there for people “like us”.  Her husband just bought a brand-new big truck, and was so proud of it.  They’ve got a very nice home they can barely afford. Their financial matters are no secret.  I’m sure I’d feel irked if they started asking for donations…

Posted: 25 July 2010 07:49 PM   Ignore ]  
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We have been thinking about this same question.  We have so many unused items in our house we are currently working on organizing every item we own, what we no longer use, if still in good condition, its going in a yard sale or being sold on ebay or craigslist.  I make homemade dog treats and am lucky that most of my surrounding neighborhoods have many dog owners.  Each weekend I set out a table with my homemade treats and the dogs pick out what smells best.  Starting to get some repeat visitors.  We still have a long way to go but still have some big ticket items to sell so I am hoping we will get really close by the time we are done.  Junofoxtrot, tell your friends to search adoption grants, they are out there but can be difficult to be approved for but its always worth looking into.

Posted: 20 January 2014 11:05 AM   Ignore ]  
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Scaling a mountain for change

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