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Would You Move?
Posted: 04 May 2010 08:39 PM   Ignore ]  
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In my blog I write how my family moved to a community with more minorities.  They weren’t necessarily the same minority as my children but they were non-whites with black hair (like my Hispanic children). 

Would you move so your kids wouldn’t stick out in a crowd?  Or have you moved already?

Posted: 06 May 2010 10:03 PM   Ignore ]  
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While I agree with the sentiments you express in your blog, and I too have thought about where we live in relation to other minority groups, I feel like your counselor asked a somewhat inappropriate question. To me it suggests some troublesome overtones; if you aren’t willing to pack up your entire life and move to another community, you could be harboring some racist tendencies? I’m sure he didn’t mean it that overtly, and maybe it was just a tool to get people to look deeper into their conscience, but I’m not sure how to take it any other way. Am I wrong? Maybe another way of interpreting it would be to say, if you aren’t willing to move, you might not be dedicated enough to properly raise a child of another race or heritage? I find that equally problematic.

I agree with you that a racially diverse surrounding is probably better than one where your child is only around others of like heritage. Thankfully our city is rather diverse, with a large Indian population. Even if we end up in a particular school-system that is mostly white (which we will undoubtedly) we plan to involve our son in the multi-cultural aspects of the community-at-large.

Thanks for a thought-provoking blog article!