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Sleep problems
Posted: 15 March 2010 12:19 AM   Ignore ]  
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Inasmuch as there are no posts here, I will draft this query and find another place to post, as well.

We brought our baby girl (20 mos at the time), Emma home from Ethiopia in June of 2009.  She turned 2 at the end of September.  She has 2 older brothers, Sam, age 3 and Frankie, age 5.  Emma is adapting so well in nearly all aspects of life in Colorado.  She has assimilated so well and we are so thankful. 

The issue - Emma wakes up after naps or in the middle of the night in an absolute panic as she realizes that she is alone.

My wife, Kelly, and I take turns sleeping on a blow up mattress in her room.  One of us is always on hand to calm her if she freaks out during the night.  Typically, now 9 months at her new home, she wakes 1-3 times/night, usually falling right back to sleep once she hears a voice.  Usually, only 1 time a night is associated with her actually “waking up” and panicking.  The others are quelled by our voice with little more than a whimper.

The “panic” cry is notably different from the other types of crying which she has in the arsenal.  So, it causes us concern since we are aware of the caution recommended regarding letting your adopted babies “cry it out” like we might our bio babies.

Has anyone had any success involving methods for facilitating the process of getting your adopted toddler to be comfortable in her own crib/bedroom.