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Adoption Books for Preschoolers (Domestic Adoption)
Posted: 09 February 2010 09:14 PM   Ignore ]  
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My husband and I have 2 girls (2 & 3) that we adopted through out local Children`s Aid Society.  I have been trying to find some suitable books to read to them about adoption but the ones i`ve seen on the `Recommended Books` lists don`t seem to really apply to us.  The children were adopted domestically, through the foster care system and were 1 & 2 when they were placed with us last year.  People think that they look so much like my husband and I that we get random strangers commenting on the fact all the time.

Many of the books seem to be for international or transracial adoptees or for children who were adopted as infants through a process where the birth mother gave up the children willingly.  There are some that address foster care but they seem to be aimed at older children. 

If anyone has some good suggestions of books with a more general focus, i would really appreciate it.

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