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Haitian Orphans Flash Pan Appeal
Posted: 31 January 2010 08:38 PM   Ignore ]  
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Tragedy, danger and unspeakable horrors were left behind in a place called yesterday for Haitian orphans who arrived in The United States days ago.  This past week,  the decision was made by government officials of Haiti to halt the departure of all orphans from the country until it can be assured that their adoptions have been approved.  Only orphans whose adoption paperwork has been examined and approved will be given permits to leave the country.  This casts sorrow to orphans who are desperate to receive medical care.  The applications for many of the Haitian orphans who entered The United Sates during the past week had already begun the process of adoption by American families who had unfailing patience.  The next step will be to continue processing adoption applications for the orphans who are still in Haiti and fill communities across The United States with Haitian orphans.

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