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Let It Go: Taking the Frozen Hit to Heart

Sometimes, as a parent, it’s about letting go. Do you have Frozen’s theme song running through your head now? Great. And now, in a nod to Moana, “You’re welcome!”

This photo was taken on a very special day for our family two years ago. The day we finalized our daughter’s adoption.

To mark this special occasion, I had laid out dress clothes for the boys and a beautiful dress for Little Miss. It didn’t take long until my perfect plans were tossed aside. The boys decided it was imperative that they wear their rain boots (since they can put those on all by themselves) despite the clear sky. And my three-year-old insisted on wearing his homemade monster sweatshirt from Halloween. Out of duress (three fussing children and a 2.5 hour drive ahead) I gave up and mourned my thought of a “picture perfect” moment at the courthouse.

Almost three hours later, while we parked and began walking to the courthouse, it began to sprinkle. I could help but laugh out loud. Well, at least the rain boots make sense now. My stress was gone and I was reminded of what was most important about that day. Not our clothes or presenting ourselves as “perfect,” but the fact that we were family!

As parents, sometimes we get caught up in something of minor importance and push aside the truly meaningful moments. All it took that day was a pair of rain boots and a monster sweatshirt to remind me of that. And Little Miss had her very first pair of rain boots waiting for her when we got home.

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