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The Song In His Heart
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From the time we first met our son in Poland, he has spent many an evening singing songs in the shower. It was always the same tune and it always seemed to get progressively louder and louder the more time he spent in the shower. Typically, we just let him go about singing as it really didn’t bother us. Sometimes we would need to intervene lest the neighbors come banging on the door wondering why we wouldn’t make our child calm down.

While he showered on those nights while we were still in Poland, my husband and I would listen intently outside the bathroom door trying to decipher the words to figure out just what the heck he was singing. Was it a pop song that we should know? A nursery rhyme? A church hymn perhaps? Was the song inappropriate for a child to be singing? We would lean over our Polish dictionaries trying to find the sounds and words. We never figured it out.

Lately we have noticed that the same song is back—but with new lyrics. Now that song is in English and every night it has different words. Some nights it is simply gibberish, other times he inserts English words. It is hard not to smile, and even laugh, as the music comes flooding out of the bathroom.

So we asked him about it. And he told us, with a shy smile, “I don’t know, I just think it new every time.”

Mystery solved. An active imagination is hard to look up in the Polish/English phrase book.

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