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Adoption, in Six Words or Less

Inspired by Six-Word Memoirs and the book series The Best Advice in Six Words, by Larry Smith, I thought it would be interesting, inspiring, and all around great to solicit six words about adoption.

There is so much to say about adoption, of course, and with so many perspectives, is it really possible to distill such complexity into snackable bites of advice/opinion/lessons-learned? In a word—yes. Here’s what came to mind for me…

“Legal” doesn’t automatically equate to “ethical.”

Adoptive parenting comes with great responsibility.


And here’s what others in the adoption community had to say (as well as how they self identified)…

My grief will never end. Ever. —Birth mother

Start lifting weights, babies are heavy. (Not adoption specific, just good advice.) —Adoptive mom

Openness isn't always respected like promised. —Birth mom

Your joy is someone else's sorrow. —Adoptive mom

Adoptee feelings can change over time. —Adoptee

Adoption feelings aren't "issues”; they're normal. —Adoptee

Adoption is bittersweet for everyone involved. —Adoptee

Reunion isn’t always a happy ending. —Adoptive mom

Adoptees should not be placed in boxes.  —Adoptee

Each individual has their unique story. —Member of the adoption constellation

No two adoptions are ever identical.  —Member of the adoption constellation

Tell everyone. You just never know. —Adoptive mom, to prospective adoptive parents

Be willing to listen and learn. —Mom blessed by adoption

It's about your child, not you.  —Mom blessed by adoption

My child's story is his business (not yours). —Mom blessed by adoption

Open adoption is the best option. —Adoptee (10-year old)

Please stop telling me I'm lucky. —Adoptee

Open adoption requires commitment; like marriage. —Adoptive mama

You are stronger than you know. —Adoptive mom

Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. —Adoptive mom

My beginning is not my future. (I was the result of a drunken one night stand, from what I’m told.) —Adoptee

I am not my birth parents. —Adoptee

Adoption is beautiful, sorrowful, heart breaking. —Adoptee

Don't do a closed adoption. —Adoptee

Reunions don't always happen. —Adoptee

What advice, wisdom, or lesson have you learned about adoption—what’s your six? Please add in the comments below. 

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