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Adoptive Families 2020 Kids and Pets Photo Contest
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2019 Summer Memories Photo Contest Winners
Meet the winner, Apollo, and the finalists.

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2019 Mommy Moments Photo Contest Winners
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Kids and Pets Photo Contest
2019 Kids and Pets Fun Photo Contest Winners
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Share Your Stories and Photos with Adoptive Families

Celebrate Adoption

The next issue of Adoptive Families is all about you!

We're excited to announce a special double issue, "Celebrate Adoption: Our Families, Our Stories," and we want contributions from the AF community. Every family formed through adoption has a story to tell - and we want to hear every last one!

Adoptive parents, birth family members, and adoptees of all ages, please share your personal essays and photos that capture defining moments for your family, around themes or stages in the adoption journey like:

  • Deciding to adopt
  • Getting "the call" that you'd been matched, or that the baby was on his way
  • Meeting your child
  • Welcome home - first weeks as family
  • Brother/sister moments
  • Realizing that a strong bond has taken hold
  • Finally feeling like a mom or dad
  • Family traditions, old and new
  • Mother's Day and Father's Day memories

We also want to see scans or digital files (high resolution, please) of your child's adoption announcement, and pages from your family's scrapbooks and lifebooks, and we'll print a selection in this keepsake double issue.

If you have personal essays or images (please send high resolution photos!) you'd like us to consider publishing in the "Celebrate Adoption" issue, e-mail them to submissions @ by April 1.

We can't wait to read - and showcase - your family's stories and pictures.

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