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Russian Adoption Negotiations, Making Birth Records Available, and More: This Week in Adoption
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Russian Adoption Accord Talks with U.S. Approach Agreement

After April’s Russian adoption crisis, the U.S. Department of State and Russian authorities have reportedly made progress in negotiating a new accord that would allow American families to resume adopting from Russia. Key provisions discussed include establishing licensed adoption agencies in Russia and allowing monitors to visit the homes of children placed in America. Prospective adoptive parents would be required to become certified through a special adoption education course in order to adopt, and, in a demand that U.S. representatives in the talks fought against, the accord would be retroactive to protect children who have already been adopted. Source: The Associated Press.

Open Adoption Birth Records Bill Approved in N.J.

The New Jersey Senate approved a bill Monday to open adoption records to adult adoptees. Those who were adopted would be able to access materials such as copies of original birth certificates and medical histories. Opponents of the measure claim that there is not enough protection written into the law for parents who wish to remain anonymous. The New Jersey Legislature must now approve the bill before it can be signed by Governor Chris Christie. Source:

Crist Changes Tune on Florida Gay Adoptions

Florida Governor Charlie Crist told a Time magazine reporter that the best way to handle the question of gay adoption is to let judges review each hopeful couple’s request to adopt on a case-by-case basis. This is a notable reversal from when he supported the state’s ban on gay adoptions earlier this year. Source: The Advocate.

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