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Adoption Blog: Straight to Bunk Beds

My Two Boys
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As I watch my boys walk down our block to the neighborhood playground, I am reminded of how far our little family has come. They walk side by side, gently tossing the baseball back and forth as they set off to play. Their chatter gets more difficult to hear as they move further down the sidewalk.

We have only been home for six months, so our adoption journey is still new. When we first met our younger son in Poland the past February, he had just turned nine years old. I can still remember so many of the small details of that day, but it all seems so far away right now. The not-so-little boy who lives in our house now has changed so much in these past six months. He is still the same outgoing, athletic and funny kid we met back in February, but he is also learning to trust, learning to believe in family and looking forward to what is to come.

During these past few months my husband and I have worked hard to make the transition to a family of four as easy as possible for both our boys. While this is not always a realistic goal, we know our efforts are paying off. We’ve been noticing the changes in our biological son (age 11), as well. He is stronger now, more confident. He has always been an incredible kid - patient, understanding and resilient. But there is something more now. He holds his head up higher, takes initiative more quickly and has a stronger sense of self. He is an older brother.

I can hear the boys coming home before I can see them around the corner. They are laughing at a joke that they will most likely try to retell when they make it back into the house. If it is like any other I have heard in the past months, it will be a joke I do not understand. “I guess you had to be there, Mom,” my oldest will say, and the boys will rush upstairs to finish a LEGO creation.

Yes, our journey is still new, and we are looking forward to it unfolding before our eyes.

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