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Adoption Blog: Our Family Grows With Love

A Love Letter to My Son

Our son's preschool asked all the parents to write a love letter to their child for Valentine's Day. I had never really thought about a love letter to our son, but I really liked the idea. We sent our love letter to school for him, but I wanted to create one for him that was just from me.

So, in honor of February being a month all about love, here are 50 reasons I love my son: 

  1. 1. I love when we are doing flashcards practicing your shapes, and you see the oval and call it an "egg." I find it incredibly adorable, and there is part of me that wants to let you call it an egg if you want. 
  2. 2. I love the way you assign yourself, your daddy, and me all our own superhero personas. I can't think of anyone I would rather be Ironman for.
  3. 3. I love the way you sing the Transformers theme song, and, rather than "More than meets the eye" you sing "More than eats the eye." Sing your heart out, little man. 
  4. 4. I love when you hear a song on the radio, and excitedly exclaim, "That's our song!" Much to your daddy's dismay, I think you have my taste in music! 
  5. 5. I love the sounds you make when you are pushing your toy cars across the floor. The way your little cheeks puff out when you "vroom" your car across the floor makes you look more like a baby than the little boy you have so quickly become. 
  6. 6. I love when we are watching a TV show and people are dancing, and you hop up, mirroring their every move. You've got rhythm! 
  7. 7. I love the way your sleepy little "I love you too, Mommy," sounds when I tuck you in at night. Sweeter words have never been heard, and it is music to my ears.
  8. 8. I love that you tell me all about your friends at school. I know there will come a time when you are less forthcoming with the details of your day. 
  9. 9. I love when you "read" me a book, laughing at the funny parts you have committed to memory. That is our special mommy-and-me time every night, as we cuddle up reading books before bed. That time erases all the madness of the day, and reminds me of what is REALLY important.
  10. 10. I love that you ask to read a bible story every night. It's as important for me to read it as it is for you to hear it.
  11. 11. I love that, at least for now, you refuse to outgrow being rocked every night. Even when you have long since outgrown it, I will have the memory of you curled up in my lap to look back on. 
  12. 12. I love the way you love your daddy.  The connection the two of you share is unbreakable. He is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. 
  13. 13. I love the way you play "red light, green light," giggling the whole time. If ever I need a moment to just slow you down, I know calling out "red light" is my answer. 
  14. 14. I love that green is your favorite color. Red used to be my favorite color; lately I find the color green much more interesting. 
  15. 15. I love that you ask everyone you meet when their birthday is. I also love how amused they are by your inquisitive little face looking up at them, waiting for their answer. 
  16. 16. I love how you want to brush your teeth yourself first, but still allow me to brush them when you are done. I am sure the dentist appreciates this, too. 
  17. 17. I love the way you count how many cups of water I use to rinse the shampoo from your hair at bath time. I love it even more that, should I "forget" all five cups, you remind me how many more are needed.
  18. 18. I love how proud you look when we fawn over your latest accomplishment. Your little smile spreading across your face nearly makes my hurt burst. 
  19. 19. I love the sound of your laugh. It's contagious. 
  20. 20. I love your smile. You can brighten any room. 
  21. 21. I love the way your eyes sparkle. I am sure they will win you many hearts in the years to come.
  22. 22. I love the way you love books, gathering as many as your little arms can carry, and surrounding yourself with them in the front room as you read. This passion will serve you well in your future educational endeavors.
  23. 23. I love the way you love "Mr. Froggie," always taking care to tuck him in at night. Your sweet, tender-hearted gesture shows me that Daddy and I must be doing something right.
  24. 24. I love your imaginative little mind. The stories you create in your world are amazing. 
  25. 25. I love the way you always ask to look at toys when we go to the store. Your birthday list must be miles and miles long now. 
  26. 26. I love how excited you get when you see another child with glasses, excitedly exclaiming, "they have glasses, just like me!" 
  27. 27. I love how you identify parks by the color of the slides they have. "Mommy, can we go to the yellow park?" 
  28. 28. I love how much you enjoy your gymnastics class. We secretly enjoy it as much as you do, and we will be so bummed when you move to the next level and we are sidelined to watch from the stands rather than participating with you. 
  29. 29. I love how you prefer the waffles I make over the frozen kind, always specifying when you ask for a waffle that you want "Mommy's waffles, not the other kind." You know how to make your mommy happy! 
  30. 30. I love when we bake together -- you always want to use food coloring to make the cake batter a different color.  We have made some INTERESTING cakes! 
  31. 31. I love how you tell me you want to grow really, really tall. You are well on your way. 
  32. 32. I love it when I tell you I want you to stay little forever and you ask me if I will be sad when you get big. And when I say yes, only because I won't be able to pick you up and hold you anymore, and you assure me that I will still be able to.
  33. 33. I love that you think doughnuts are the best food ever. Even if that means you can't understand why you can't have them every day, or why Mommy and Daddy limit the number you are allowed when you do have them.
  34. 34. I love that you believe it is entirely possible that, when you grow up, you will be a superhero. The world can always use another superhero -- knock ‘em dead, Buddy!
  35. 35. I love when I am singing to you at night, and you quietly start singing along. So precious.
  36. 36. I love that you notice when I have nail polish on. I love it even more when you tell me you think it's pretty.
  37. 37. I love that you have won the hearts of the women at the eye doctor's office. When you have had a three-year-old boy in glasses for the last year and a half, you'd better make friends with the eye doctor's office. The amount of time we spend there is in competition only with the amount of time we spend wiping little fingerprints off your glasses.
  38. 38. I love that I can get you to accomplish almost any task you deem undesirable by making it in to a race. Our hallway becomes a racetrack, but it gets you to the tub for bath time.
  39. 39. I love that you coined the name "gaga" for your grandma all on your own.
  40. 40. I love that you think no outfit is complete without a superhero cape. It does jazz up even the most boring of clothes.  
  41. 41. I love that, whenever you do something silly and make Daddy and I laugh, you have to run back to the bathroom and recreate the scene in front of the mirror to witness your silly act for yourself. 
  42. 42. I love when you do or say something new we have been working on, and I ask you who taught you that, and you say you taught yourself. You are one smart little three-year-old! 
  43. 43. I love when you are coloring, and you know just for whom you intend the picture. If you color five pictures, and I line them up and ask whom they are for, you know exactly who they go to, even if I tease you by moving them around, and assigning the wrong picture to the wrong person. 
  44. 44. I love that, for the time being, you love school. 
  45. 45. I love that you distinguish the days of the week by those that are "school days" and those that are "Mommy, Daddy, Max days." I don't think it is any secret we all prefer the latter. 
  46. 46. I love that you love to help. You are the best laundry, dish washing, grocery-putting-away assistant ever.
  47. 47. I love that you give the cheesiest grin I have ever seen whenever I want to take your picture. School pictures are sure to be interesting over the years. 
  48. 48. I love the dimple in your elbow. So cute. 
  49. 49. I love that watching your daddy with you makes me fall a little bit more in love with him every day. You won the daddy lottery. 
  50. 50. I love that I get to be your mommy.

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Priceless… I love it!

By lesmem on Monday, March 04, 2013 at 9:23 pm.

I just stumbled upon this website tonight.  I really enjoyed reading your letter.  It was so personal and heartfelt.  What a beautiful time in the life of your family to capture forever with your words.  Thank you for sharing.

By LifeInBalance on Tuesday, April 02, 2013 at 2:13 am.

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