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Learning As We Go
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“I want to learn it, Mama.”

That is what my son told me very seriously last night as we were going over his multiplication flash cards.  He is working on the factors 0, 1 and 2.  He is catching on pretty quickly.

I use the moment to ask him if he knew some of these multiplication facts when he lived in Poland, just seven short months ago.

“No, I not try real hard at my old school.”

That makes sense to me based on the reports we got from his school.  While he didn’t get letter grades in his courses, his teachers did take the time to write short narratives for us.

“Did you have lots of homework in Poland?” I ask.

“Some.  I always do my homework, Mama.  Always.”

“I know, Sweetie,” I reassure him.  “I know.  Did you try hard at school?”

He looks at me shyly, and replies by shaking his head.  Then he ventures a quick reply, “I talk all the time at my old school.  I always have big trouble.”

It was my turn to nod my head.  Yes, I could have guessed that about my social little guy.  “But you are trying hard now, Kiddo. And I am so proud of you!”

He beamed as we went through the rest of his flash cards.  Getting all but a few of them right.

I am guessing we will never find the perfect balance for talking about adoption and our son’s nine years of history without us as part of his life, but I find hope in the fact that our son wants to talk with us about it.

“I want to learn it, Mama.”

Yes, my dear, I want to learn it too.

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