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Kazakhstan Adoptions Suspended, Adoptees Use Social Networking Sites to Find Birth Parents, and More

This Week in Adoption is a weekly round-up of the news concerning the families, kids, and laws we in the adoption community are most passionate about!  Check out these stories, share your thoughts, and recommend some links of your own.

Kazakhstan Not Accepting Dossiers to Adopt

The Kazakhstani government has announced that it will not accept new intercountry dossiers from prospective adoptive families. According to the U.S. State Department, paperwork submitted before May 25, 2010, will be processed under existing policies. Since joining the Hague Convention on International Adoption, the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s website explains that the Republic of Kazakhstan is updating its national legislation to be in compliance with Hague Convention requirements. “To avoid any mistakes and confusion in the process ... due to the ongoing legislation reform, the Embassy temporarily suspends the acceptance of dossiers for adoption until further announcement.” [Source: U.S. Department of State]

Adopted Kids Track Birth Parents Through Social Networking Websites

In York, England, websites like Facebook are throwing adoptive families into turmoil as adopted children use social networking to track down birth parents . Local city councils have called for policy reform as the social networking searches are undermining the procedures in place for supervised and emotionally-stable reunions between birth parents and adopted children. Have you heard of this happening in your community or circle of acquaintances? [Source: The York Press]

Clinton Appoints First Special Advisor to Office of Children’s Issues

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has appointed Ambassador Susan S. Jacobs as Special Advisor to the Office of Children’s Issues. This new position, created by Secretary Clinton, is designed to address issues like intercountry adoption. [Source: State Department Office of Children’s Issues ]

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