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Adoption Blog: Improv Mom

Having My Say About Motherhood (on STAGE!)

May is nearly here and so is Listen to Your Mother 2014. Listen to Your Mother is a show in which local writers take to the stage to share personal stories about motherhood. This year, Listen to Your Mother shows will be held in 32 cities, including NYC, at Symphony Space on Sunday, May 4. If you're in the area, please, PLEASE join me (and my talented and charming cast mates), as I recount my very own slice-of-life motherhood story. Hint: it has something to do with open adoption.

I know open adoption sounds scary and decidedly foreign to people outside of Adoption World. (Certainly, before my husband and I adopted our daughter, it sounded that way to us.) However, very quickly you realize how important it is for your child to know her whole family -- adoptive and birth. Family is family is family, regardless of the adjective you put in front of it. So, sharing an experience about openness in adoption, the baby steps you take along the way to create this on-going family relationship, is a story I was excited to tell.

In fact, this year, practically every Listen to Your Mother show has at least one adoption-related tale. I'm told that the St. Louis show boasts several from every angle. Wish I lived closer, would love to be in the audience for that.

Last year, adoptive moms (and adoption educators) Judy M. Miller and Lori Holden lent their voices to local LTYM performances, as well as birth mother Liz Henry and adoptee Carole Smith. You can catch more adoption-related stories from the 2013 show at the Listen to Your Mother YouTube channel.

However, I must say, there is nothing like a live theatre experience.

Sitting in the dark, feeling the anticipation of a story that needs to be told. Well, that's an experience that's not to be missed in my book. Judging from my NYC cast mates, you are in for quite a treat. We're an eclectic bunch of gals and guy, 14 in all. You will cry (but in a good way) and you will laugh (in the very best way). You will nod in agreement and shake your head in disbelief as you listen to someone else's journey…someone else's understanding of motherhood. But what else would you expect when a topic as rich as motherhood is explored? I mean, who doesn't have a great story to tell about that?

So gather your girlfriends and your moms, and, sure, your significant others and fathers too, and get thee to a Listen to Your Mother show near you. And, who knows, maybe next year I'll be sitting in the audience listening to you. 

Hope to see you there, and Happy (early) Mother's Day!

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I am so excited to see your video when it comes available—can’t wait to find out what you chose to talk about.

Have a wonderful time on Sunday! And thank for including my video grin

By Lori Lavender Luz on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 4:58 pm.

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