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Adoption Blog: Painting the Nursery

Celebrating Adoption: Our “Welcome to the World” Party for Miles

Renee with adopted baby miles and husbandLast week we attended a terrific party for our son Miles. My best friend and Miles’s godmother Jen, my mother-in-law, and my mom hosted it at my mother-in-law’s home on Long Island, N.Y.

In the Jewish tradition, many people are superstitious about bringing baby gear into the home before the baby arrives; so instead of throwing traditional baby showers, some of my friends, regardless of whether they have adopted or not, have held this type of party where the guest of honor, the newest family member, is already born and present. In our case, with the adoption and two prior failed matches, it was perfect way for us to celebrate at this time.

Miles, who turned eight-weeks old the day before the party, is great with crowds. It’s a good thing, too, since between 45 to 50 people attended. At least half of the group held him, passing him around like a sack of potatoes, and he was fine, just happy and content to be in someone’s arms. He even managed to fall asleep during some of the festivities. 

Family members came from three different states, and friends in attendance were people my husband and I have known for as long as 20 to 30 years. Knowing our story, they were all so happy to help us celebrate this new addition to our family, and once they met Miles, they were even more thrilled—he really is an amazing baby. He is so mellow and good-natured, even in front of all these strangers, with so much noise surrounding him for so many hours. 

We got more gifts, baby clothes, toys, gear, and even more hand-me-down clothing (much of which is as good as brand new) than we have room for. We are doing the best we can to stay organized, storing and separating the clothes he can wear now from things for months from now.

More importantly, it was so wonderful to see all these people and have them share in our joy and elation of being Miles’s parents. There were so many smiles that day, and on the way back home I shed tears of happiness. The Jewish word "verklempt" means overwhelmed with emotion, and I think we really gave new meaning to the term that day. I was so touched that people had driven up to three hours to come see us. 

My parents came up for the weekend from Florida—a three-hour flight plus an hour in a rental car. (They also babysat for us the night before the party so my husband and I could have a nice quiet dinner in a restaurant.) They traveled the furthest; unless you count a great old friend of mine who I’ve know for 30 years who lives in L.A. now, but happened to be on this coast and was able to make it to our celebration for Miles. 

I’m working on the thank-you notes now, trying to get them out as quickly as I can. I’m writing them as though they are from Miles, expressing his gratitude for the lengths—traveling great distances and giving wonderful presents—people went to honor him.

How have you celebrated your adoption? Show us in pictures, by uploading your family celebration photos and in words, by joining the conversation about showers and celebrations.

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We have been matched with a birth mother and some friends would like to give us a baby shower.  I am not sure this is related to the post, but when is the “right” time to have a shower for the baby?  The baby is due around April 21st and I was thinking the beginning of April, but not sure if that is too late.  The baby may come early.  We do need some essentials for sure.  Any feedback would be welcome.


By amandaandscott on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 6:49 pm.

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