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We started the domestic infant adoption process in Summer of 2014 with Bethany. Shortly after starting, the director retired and a new director stepped in. After the change in hands, it became very apparent that we were a number, or at least someone who gave them money and we were not a priority. It was about giving birthmothers ALL of the control, including requesting monthly visits or more after baby was born (which if you want to do that, great, but I don’t think most do) and limiting the information that was given to us about birthmothers while practically everything you want to know about us is laid out on the table.
We were matched 18 months later, a baby boy was born and 3 days later, birth mom changed her mind (I don’t necessarily blame Bethany for this, however, I believe the “counseling” provided to birth mom played a significant role). Our social worker took a “personal day” because we and another couple had birth moms who decided to parent in 1 week. I emailed the director my concerns, who didn’t respond and instead forwarded it the regional manager. She basically told me that this is how they do things now.
We started with a different agency and were matched in 6 weeks. Granted this isn’t typical, but I think it speaks much more to how other agencies are running compared to Bethany.

By lizh512 on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 8:24 pm.

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